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Kroger pharmacies have started pre-registration for 💉 Covid 19 vaccination. Patients need to answer a few questions from an online ✅ consultant and fill out a registration form on the website.

How to Register for Vaccination in Kroger

To register for vaccination, go to the page


Accept the agreement on the provision of personal data and consent to their processing.



Specify if you have the symptoms listed in the list.


Have you received your first dose of the vaccine?

first dose

The first step is to choose how many doses are needed. If you have already used the first dose, then you need to order a second one. The vaccination is done three or four weeks after the first dose is administered. To register for vaccination, you must enter the ZIP code, state or city. In addition, choose the distance.

more details

The second step is to choose the time and date of vaccination with the first dose. The third step is to choose the date and time of vaccination with the second dose.

time and date

first dose time

second time

The third step is to enter the patient's data:

  • last name
  • first name
  • residential address
  • ZIP code
  • insurance information

personal information


The fourth step is to fill in the information about the presence of allergic reactions and agree with the possible side effects of vaccination.

Send the form and wait for a response to your email.

How Much Does the COVID Vaccine Cost in Kroger

The cost of the vaccine will depend on the selected manufacturer, and only two certified vaccines are currently available.

Kroger Covid Vaccine Appointment Phone Number

You can ask questions and make an appointment for vaccination by calling the hotline number 1-800-576-43-77 .


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