How to Get a COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Test

coronavirus testing in kroger

You can do a 💉 test for antibodies to the CAVID 19 virus, also known as coronavirus, in any ✅ Krogerth Pharmacy. However, everyone needs to make an appointment online and provide some information about themselves.

First Step – Choose Location to Testing

Enter one of this:

  • City
  • ZIP code
  • State OR Name

This will help you find the nearest store.

chose location

Second Step - Schedule Appointment Covid 19 Testing

The next step is to plan the meeting. After selecting the location of the store, you should select the time and date of testing for antibodies. Select the appropriate time and date from the list.


Third step – Patient Information

Enter information about the patient (about yourself):

  1. last name and first name
  2. contact phone number
  3. personal identification code
  4. email address
  5. physical address
  6. availability of medical insurance

If you have allergic reactions to the drugs - specify them.

Next, you must agree to the processing of information and personal data and confirm the sending of the data.

Get Kroger Rapid COVID Antibody Test

All that remains is to visit the Kroger branch indicated in the online application at the agreed time and do a test for antibodies to the coronovirus.

antibody testing

Result Covid 19 Testing Kroger

The results of testing for antibodies to COVID 19 will be ready within 24 hours and sent to the email address that the patient specified when filling out the online application.

Kroger COVID-19 Test Home

In our stores, you can always buy kits for individual testing for COVID 19 at home. The cost of such a set is $ 99. You can buy it in an online store or in any branch of the retail chain.



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